”Murhenäytelmä Grönlannissa (Tragedy in Greenland)” is a moving, universal and deep book that you can’t put down. It shakes your emotions from one extreme to the other. The unique story touches people from all walks of life, giving them strength and comfort. Its metaphoric content moves in many levels. The subtle conclusion is huge and surprising. A literary work of art!

-Aku Louhimies (director)


”The photographs in this book are, from an artistic point of view, particularly magnificent. In my opinion, this unsually fascinating story has a great chance of international success.”

Tuula Kousa

Tragedy in Greenland
Murhenäytelmä Grönlannissa

In April 1997, as practice for their future trip to the South Pole, Timo Polari and his two friends set out to ski across Greenland’s continental glacier. Soon after the start their trip was interrupted by a Pideraq storm. Timo was the only one to survive. Five years later, he carried out their dream of reaching the South Pole.

In Timo Polari’s book spiritual and physical strength, beauty, wisdom and the realization of life’s uniqueness merge in a fascinating way. The book is a universal story about growth and survival — timeless themes that touch everyone.

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“The structure and concentrated richness of this book surpassed the high expectations. I believe that this book that combines the experiences and teachings in such a powerful manner is unique in Finnish literature. A Masterpiece!”

- Anssi Orrenmaa (author, editor)

The Culture Adventure

Timo Polari travels into the center of Western civilization. The adventure turns out to be a unique story about beauty, wisdom and humanity. Can masterpieces of visual arts influence you to make your life and surroundings more beautiful? Does a traveler, enchanted by the architecture of the Middle Ages, start to furnish his home differently? Do the images of Auschwitz make us more compassionate? Can the philosophies of classic authors be put to practice?

“Illustrated brilliantly. The book surpasses all expectation in a breath-taking way. It breathes the righteousness of humanism. On every page, the reader is inspired to do independent research on the subjects at hand. “The Culture Adventure” shimmers like a precious artefact. The culmination of Polari’s book conveys his most important message: the comprehension of the uniqueness and preciousness of life.”

- Esa Helasvuo (composer, pianist, lector)

kirja 2
Dreaming of the South Pole
Unelma Etelänavasta

In this book, Timo Polari writes about his thoughts, feelings and experiences at the South Pole, backlands of California, Alps and in the wilderness in the Scandes of Northern Europe. The experiences during the hikes, that tried both his mental and physical resources, lead to profound self-realizations.

“Tragedy in Greenland is an shockingly beautiful and wise piece of work. One of the best books I’ve read and, in my lifetime, I have read plenty of good literature. Great sentiment of beauty thoroughly cleans our souls from uncessessary stuff. Reading Polari’s book and looking at the pictures was truly a soul cleansing meditative experience.”

- Jouni Luukkala (non-fiction author)